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Featured King Cajun Crawfish Menu Items


King Feast

Market Price

Fit for a King! This dish includes: 2 Clusters Snow Crab + 12 Shrimp, 2 Corn, 2 Potatoes, Sausage. Choice of sauces!

King Cajun Crawfish

Little Dungeness Combo

Market Price

Care to Share with this tasty combo: 2 Clusters Dungeness Crab, 2 Potatoes & 2 Corn. Choice of sauces!


Royal Feast

Market Price

1 Clusters Snow Crab + 1 Cluster of Dungeness, 1lb. of Crawfish, 1 lb of Shrimp, 1lb of Clams, 1lb of Green Mussels, 4 Corn, 4 Potatoes & Sausage. Choice of sauces!


Po’ Boy & Cup of Gumbo

Small Gumbo: $6.99 | 6 inch Po’Boy $9.99

The perfect pairing of spicy roux based gumbo and a battered goodness of a sandwich with your choice of shrimp, catfish, oysters, softshell or crawfish. A perfect lunch or dinner portion.


King Crab Legs

Market Price

Boiled shellfish coated in one of our sauces is the perfect menu choice every time. Flavors: Traditional Boil, Lemon Pepper, Rajun Cajun, Garlic Butter or our speciality Shabang Sauce!




6 pieces of Beignets with Vanilla ice cream will end any meal with the perfect taste in your mouth. Simply delicious!